We can help identify hazards your production is be exposed to, advise how to mitigate risks and ensure production compliance with health and safety responsibilities and regulations. 

Our NEBOSH health and safety qualified team have years of filming experience and can help from pre-production until filming completes. 

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We produce production risk assessments that detail hazards and give practical control measures to make any location, set or studio as safe work environment. Undertaking a risk assessment process helps understand hazards and engages everyone in how to make their workplace as safe as possible. 

Typically we would attend recce's to understand what is being proposed and discuss with each department how they expect to undertake their work. This process allows us to produce production risk assessments that can be shared and referenced throughout filming.


It is important that health and safety regulations are understood and complied with. We provide training to Producers, Head's of Departments and crew to help them understand better and to create a positive health and safety culture.


With years of experience in film and working in high pressure environments, we can offer creative, cost-effective solutions when filming in remote and challenging locations. When filming in mountains or at sea we are in our element. 



In addition to Health & Safety qualifications our team have spent years guiding and coaching in the mountains, on rivers and at sea. Managing risk whilst look after others in complex and dynamic environments is what we do, and we can provide some of the countries leading experts when working at height, on mountains and sea.